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Meet The Senior Decisions Makers With Job Titles Including:

  • Heads of Strategic Planning
  • Heads of Pressure Management         
  • Heads of Network Delivery
  • Heads of Network Operations
  • Heads of Network Optimisation
  • Heads of Demand Management and Planning
  • Heads of Network Management
  • Heads of Smart Networks / Projects
  • Heads of Innovation
  • Demand Forecasting and Demand Analysts Leads
  • Innovation Managers
  • Digitalisation Leads
  • A.I. Machine Learning Leads
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analytic Specialists
  • Digital Strategy Leads
  • Heads of Asset Management
  • Heads of Asset Risk & Planning
  • Leakage Managers

Meet Leading Technology & Services Providers In:

  • Machine Learning Models
  • Real-Time Data Analytics, Data Loggers
  • Leak Detection Sensors, Pressure Loggers
  • Transient Loggers
  • Hydraulic Models
  • Flow Meters
  • Water Quality Probes
  • Smart Water Meters
  • Condition Monitoring
  • IoT & Edge Devices

Day Three - Classrooms

Day 3 - Thursday 29th April

11:00 BST Virtual Event Platform Opens: Login and familiarise yourself with the platform features and introduce yourself to other participants

Interactive Classrooms

Optimising Data Collection & Execution For Demand Management & Leakage Reduction

These Interactive Breakout Classrooms will offer data scientists and data analytic professions the opportunity to benchmark best practice in key areas of data collection, usage and interpretation with fellow delegates. A maximum of 15 delegates in each will lead a fluid, dynamic conversation about the chosen topic, sharing actual results and solutions, with viewing delegates being able to put forward questions for discussion and offer up solutions themselves.

11:30 How To Turn Data Into Useful Information For Managing Demand Spikes, Forecasting Consumption & Leakage Reduction

This fully interactive classroom is designed for data scientists and analytics professionals who are working on water industry projects. The purpose is to share practical experiences on making better use of exploiting data for decision making.

Duration: 11:30-13:00

  • Session a (45 minutes): Ensuring Clean Data To Feed Into The Machine Learning Models
  • Session b (45 minutes): Actual Use & Interpretation Of Data For Decision Making

13:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Data Visualisation Solutions For Front Line Technicians

This fully interactive classroom style session will examine best practices on presenting user-friendly information to front line technicians. It will examine cost effective technologies and techniques for ensuring clear data visualisation.  

Duration: 14:00-15:30

  • Transforming data into user friendly information and alerts for technicians
  • Evaluating different data visualisation presentation solutions for end users

15:30-16:00 Afternoon Refreshment Break

Optimising Data Collection & Execution For Leakage & Network Interventions

16:00 Best Practice Data Collection & Management To Minimise Supply Interruptions, Detect/Manage Leakage & Manage Pressure

This interactive classroom continues the conversation on best practice data collection and usage but this time applied specifically to leakage reduction and pressure management. This classroom will also be of interest to leakage technical managers as well as data scientists.

Duration: 16:00-17:30

  • Part A: 45 minutes Best Practices On Ensuring Clean & Accurate Data For Your Machine Learning Models
  • Part B: 45 minutes Fundamentals Of Data Management & Storage Including Processes For The Data Interaction Stage


Discover Real-World Digital Innovation Success Stories


  • Making Good Use Of Data For A.I. & Machine Learning Applications
  • The Capabilities Of A.I. And Machine-Learning To Meet Demand Spikes
  • Implementing Machine-Learning To Analyse & Predict Customer Behaviour
  • Ensuring Accurate, Reliable Data At The Metering Stage
  • Transforming Metering Data To Accurately Predict & Manage Demand
  • Demand Data Utilisation To Intelligently Divert Water Resources
  • A.I. For Calibrating Hydraulic Model Parameters To Detect Abnormal Behaviour
  • Improving The Accuracy & Application Of Data Driven Intelligence
  • Better Utilise Sensor Data To Predict Potential Failures
  • Digital Twins To Predict Future Performance & Identify Future Failures
  • Communicate Data Analytics & Information To Frontline Technicians


  • A.I. & Machine-Learning To More Accurately Detect & Pinpoint Bursts
  • Identify Risks & Predict Future Leaks On The Network To Help Prevent Bursts
  • Improving The Quality Of Flow Monitoring To Identify Abnormal Flow Patterns
  • Delivering More Reliable & Accurate Data To Drive Down Water Loss
  • Maximise Data To Pressure Manage The Entire Network
  • Utilise Algorithms & A.I To Regulate & Adjust Pressure In Real-Time
  • Analytic Tools & Technologies To Improve The Execution Of Pressure Data
  • Utilising Data From Smart Sensors For Water Quality Management
  • Implementing A.I For Enhanced Asset Condition Monitoring
  • Further Streamline Logistical Processes & Overcome Network Disruption


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