Testimonials From The Virtual Global Leakage Summit Held Online December 2020

Asset Strategy Manager (Water), Southern Water

"Well done on curating and delivering a very informative and engaging conference. I think the IT and platform worked very well, probably the best I've attended this year."


Senior Engineer/Water Loss Management - Water Supplies Department, Hong Kong

"A very fruitful summit where water supply agencies should embrace the development on the water loss management"


Senior Technician, Water Board of Nicosia

"The conference is a place where you can find experts from all over the world that deal with the same problems and you can share experience to improve your work."


Head, Water Meter Department, FACSA, Spain

"I found the Conference really enjoyable and insightful"


Operations Manager, Aguas de Antofagasta, Chile

"In this conference you realize that every company, speaker, provider, consultant are putting a bit of value to global knowledge of water loss reduction.  This is more than networking... it's knowledge creation."


Chief Solutions Officer, Distribution Technical Centre, Suez Environnement

"The sessions I attended were perfectly managed and with a very high quality of presentations."


Leakage and Smart Networks Manager, Portsmouth Water

"I really enjoyed the conference and found it very useful in improving my leakage knowledge...a virtual conference is better than none at all and applaud you and the team for being able to organise during these uncertain times."


Digital Water Solutions Expert, A.R.I.-Dorot, EMEA Business Unit

"In my opinion, the event went very well. Obviously, the face to face event I was used to, allows more interaction and discussion, but I must say I managed to contact some interesting leads for us."



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