A.R.I.-Dorot Smart Water Digital Solutions are designed to increase water supply efficiency, improve water utility operation, decrease expenses, extend the infrastructure lifespan, and contribute to a responsible use of resources.

Our goal is to offer comprehensive end-to-end digital solutions that encompass all levels of the water system, ensuring water safety and enhancing functionality while conserving energy and reducing utility expenses.

A.R.I.-Dorot is a world leader in the control, monitoring, and management of liquid conveyance systems, providing optimal hi-tech hydraulic solutions for surge protection, water loss reduction and pressure control. These unique solutions lead the industry in water technology advancement by providing up-to-date innovations and smart systems that contribute to and enhance the water industry.

Digital solutions:

The ConDor is an automatic & autonomous hydraulic valve controller, designed to perform any function or combination of functions, constant or dynamically modulating, via local and remote control. With advanced control algorithm, ConDor helps customers to remotely control hydraulic valves, monitor & optimize their performance, and change settings.  For more information please visit: https://dorotdigitalsolutions.com/condor/

ARISENSE provides unprecedented "remote" visibility into your air valves and pipes, reducing operational costs and preventing fines caused by Leakage, Overflow, Clogging, Tilting, Tamper, High Pressure and Flooding. ARISENSE employs a combination of sensors integrated in the air valve, that continuously monitors its function & performance, then transmitting the data to you.

For more information please visit: https://arivalves.com/ARISENSE


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